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Pricing for your multiple page Website

On acceptance of We WebWork as your Webmaster we request a domain registration and set up fee of R250.00, This also covers the set up of up too 10 email address.
We will then proceed with the creation of your website and only once you are satisfied will we invoice you the Creation fee of R2000.00.
A set monthly fee of R300.00 a month allows for as many changes as may be required and also covers the monthly hosting fee.

Own domain name registration of your choice should it be available to register.
As many emails as required.
Request as many changes as required.
Once yearly renewal fee for the domain, at present R140.00 per a year.

You supply the logo, the pictures, and content wording via email.
You can also include a link to a YouTube video.
Your web address will be: www.yourdomainname.co.za
Your email address can be info@yourdomainname.co.za

Payment due only when you accept the layout. 
Examples of our Work can be seen by opening Follow our Websites in the links menu
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Pricing for your single page Website

Creation fee of R500.00;

Monthly fee is R150.00 a month or R1500.00 a year.
Allows as many changes as required for free.
You supply the logo, the pictures, and content wording via email.
You can also include a link to a YouTube video.
Your web address will be:

Payment due only when you accept the layout. 
Go here to see Examples here

Some Understanding

In this day and age when you have a choice of so many different types of cars and so many different prices, why do the BMW’s and other German cars which are priced at the slightly higher end of the spectrum still sell, and sell well?

The answer is two fold, added quality and value for money.
What does added quality actually mean?
Well the way we, here at We Webwork see it, quality is about the personal service, the act of delivering more than expected, that going the extra mile.

Value for money?
Thats easy, what you see is what you get at the price given.
We don’t believe in “hidden charges” we don’t believe in surprising our clients at invoice time.

There are many people out there doing websites. Some will seem like real bargains, and on the surface they are, but when you dig down a little and discover the true costs you realise how you’ve been ripped off.

Just like the car that is a bargain price, want leather seats - extra, want sat nav - extra, want more airbags - extra, want cruise control - extra all these end up adding so much to your price, would it not have been more cost effective to get it all included in the price of that slightly more expansive car?

People will judge you by what your website looks like and what the message is that it portrays. A website is an extension of you!

One of the most time consuming parts of creating a website is how to make it attractive to both your potential clients and even more so to Google, so that you can be found. A quality website producer knows this and spends energy on getting it sorted out to the best level.

A website needs to always be kept up to date, so ask pertinent questions such as:
How fast are changes made? Google loves updates and new content.
Are the rates acceptable?
When problems arise how fast are they solved?
What other services does your webmaster offer?

What we at We Webwork are trying to say is simply this:
A website is a reflection on you and your business, make it work for you (not the web builder) seek a good and fair price not a cheap and nasty one.
Don’t be afraid to ask to see other sites they’ve built, contact those businesses and ask about the quality of the service.
Any decent website designer will want to show off his work, won’t he? 

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